10 Awesome Technologies In 2017 Cars You Don’t Know

A car is not a cool car if it lacks cool technological features. Over the years, manufacturers have outwitted one another when it comes to packing cool stuff in cars, and in 2017, they have not acted differently at all. From cars that can talk to each other to cars that tell the driver to focus on their driving, there has been no shortage of surprises in this calendar year. The following are features that have been trending so far:

1. Electric Supercharging Systems

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Electric superchargers are cars that use electrically powered air systems to pressurize air intake in their engines. By using more pressure to force the air into the engine, it implies that the air becomes more dense, which also means that the horsepower delivered to the engine increases significantly.

The 48-volt electric system is the latest system and companies like Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already promised to release cars with this technology in 2017.

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