10 Awesome Technologies In 2017 Cars You Don’t Know

A car is not a cool car if it lacks cool technological features. Over the years, manufacturers have outwitted one another when it comes to packing cool stuff in cars, and in 2017, they have not acted differently at all. From cars that can talk to each other to cars that tell the driver to focus on their driving, there has been no shortage of surprises in this calendar year. The following are features that have been trending so far:

1. Electric Supercharging Systems

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Electric superchargers are cars that use electrically powered air systems to pressurize air intake in their engines. By using more pressure to force the air into the engine, it implies that the air becomes more dense, which also means that the horsepower delivered to the engine increases significantly.

The 48-volt electric system is the latest system and companies like Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already promised to release cars with this technology in 2017.

2. Driver Attention System

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Cadillac’s Super Cruise could be the one of the best technological inventions of 2017. Super Cruise is a system that gets the driver’s attention back to the road if it detects that the driver’s concentration is off. According to the makers of the car, if the driver fails to heed the first warning, Super Cruise will pass more warnings and initiate a process that applies brake to the wheels. If the driver ignores the subsequent alert, a light bar that is mounted on the steering wheel activates to give further warnings.

The system detects a driver’s inattentiveness by counting the seconds that the driver’s hand has been off the steering wheel.

3. Stow ’n Go

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Stow ’n go has been there for some time but not many people know about it. It is a fold-seat mechanism that Chrysler has long boasted about. It allows the second-row seats to fold completely so as to create room for other items.

4. Audi’s MMI Navigation System

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Navigation systems have literally rendered paper maps obsolete, and while many modern cars possess this feature, only a few can match Audi’s MMI system. The system offers Google Earth Mapping like most cars but its ability to provide parking information together with picture navigation is what sets it apart.

5. V2V Communication

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V2V or vehicle-to-vehicle is a tool that has been integrated in the 2017 Cadillac CTS sport sedans. It allows the cars to share driving details like the weather condition, speed, accidents, sudden braking and much more.

6. Electrically Powered Axles

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Electrically powered axles (e-axles) are not a new thing but more and more car makers are starting to appreciate their use. It has been proven that using a rear e-axle saves fuel and improves the performance and handling of a car. That is why the axles will show up in most 2017 cars such as the Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid.

7. Augmented Reality

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According to IHS analysts, there are car manufacturers who are planning to include an augmented reality or AR in their cars. It is a technique that takes what is there on the road and projects it in the navigation system of the car; it absorbs info about objects such as speed limits and projects the info in the car’s navigation system.

8. Ford’s Sync Connect

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Sync Connect is a technology that allows the driver to control some features of the car using his or her phone. With Sync Connect and embedded modem present, you can start the engine, lock the doors and locate your car by using your smartphone. The 2017 Ford Escape is one of the 2017 cars that uses this technology.

9. Volvo’s Driver Assist

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Most cars have driver assist features but the 2017 Volvo S90 has added something different to theirs in 2017. The car’s driver assist system has a large animal detection capability. So when the sensors detect a deer or a similar sized animal that the driver hasn’t spotted, it will start a process that will apply brakes on the wheels.

10. Wireless Phone Charger

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Some manufacturers such as those who are behind the GMC Sierra simply go above and beyond when it comes to technology. The car offers a wireless charging system through a large pad that is positioned at the top of its center console.


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