10 Benefits about the Donald Trump Visit to Saudi Arabia

As Donald Trump has ended the Saudi leg of his first foreign visit, here’s a look back at some of the contentious moments in the Gulf kingdom. here is 10 Benefits about the Donald Trump Visit to Saudi Arabia

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One of the advantages of Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia is that it helps to establish a bond between the United States and Saudi Arabia to signify our readiness to support Muslim nations in fighting against terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Quaeda. Trump in Saudi Arabia helps solidify our position against extremism and hopefully gain support in combating terrorism around the world and especially in the Arab world.


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Another good reason for Trump in Saudi Arabia is the arms deal worth over 110 billion dollars.



The fact they are working to stop Iran from terrorist support groups that are destabilizing the region. Iran has proven that they are not a reliable player, and we must try to undo as much of the damage done during the Obama reign.


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It also surprised the Saudis since other sitting presidents choose other places for their first foreign visit out of the United States. It is important to strengthen our ties and for Trump to be s a strong leader after eight years of the Obama Administration being seen weak politically throughout the world.


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During Trump’s speak on terrorism, he singled out Iran as the leading sponsor of terrorism throughout the world. Whether you agree or not at least Iran knows that we no longer have blinders on their political agenda and will be keeping a more strenuous eye on their activities then the Obama administration did.


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During his visit, Trump was able to participate in the opening of the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology which hopes to promote moderation and stop the spread of extremists in the Arab countries.


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It was important that Trump greeted King Salman with a firm handshake rather than a bow as Obama did. It sets the tone that our new President doesn’t feel beneath or alienated by the King of Arabia. This was important to restore America’s image overseas.


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Trump’s speech on terrorism was important because it lets the world know that our new leadership has an entirely different take on how to handle terrorism and countries that support such regimes.


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Trump in Saudi Arabia brings support to common things between our nations instead of focusing so hard on the differences. There has never been a time when this was more needed to alleviate hard feelings and restore credibility between our nations and work toward a standard of peace. We need to work hard to learn to accept other peoples differences. Not lose our rights in the process. By finding common ground, we can begin to get to respect each other instead of holding contempt for our differences.



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Perhaps the best reason it is good Trump chose to visit a Muslim nation in his first foreign visit outside the United States is the fact that his border control attempt has angered so many across the world. They have labeled him as an Islamophobic so by creating a sound foundation with Muslims across the world that choose to live in peace it should let the world know the United States isn’t against Muslims they are against terrorist entering our borders and harming our people. Hopefully, in the coming months, more points of peace and solidarity can be found in both the USA around and the world.

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