10 Important Things To Do Before You Travel


Are you planning to go on a vacation soon? The thrill of traveling is simply unrivaled and being man’s greatest adventures, it is understandable why we always make mistakes whenever we travel, be it for business or leisure?

Where do we get it wrong, one may ask? Well, the following are some of the things you could do before you travel, just so you are cushioned from some of these pitfalls.


Things Related To Leaving Your Home In Order


1. Leave Some Fall-back Cash

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That you are traveling does not mean it is the end of everything. When you are done raveling the world, your humble home will be your next port of call so it is important you leave some cash to help you get back on your feet as soon as you are back. This is more applicable for those who depend on monthly salaries, as it may be difficult for you to wait an entire month without enough money o get b.


2. Leave Your Come As Energy Efficient As Possible

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The excitement of traveling should not carry you away as to leave your home in a state of disregard. One thing you need to take care of is the energy-efficiency of your home. Ensure all power sources have been switched off and only the most important ones are left on, just so you do not run huge power bills when you get back. Do the same to water, gas etc.


3. Keep The Communication Flowing

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Traveling across the world does not mean you are cut off from your daily mails. There could be important briefs or mails that need to be passed across so at all cost, ensure you leave your home accessible for the mailman and other important deliveries. This is especially important for those with home-built mail booths.


Things Related To Your Financial Security When Traveling


4. Convert Your Money To The Local Currencies

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If you are traveling, say from the US to Europe, it is only fair you change the currency from USD to Euro, Sterling Pounds or other major currencies used around Europe. This will make it convenient for you to do your shopping at any place without anyone knowing you are a tourist and taking advantage of you.


5. Carry Small Denominations

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It is also important that before you travel, you convert all currencies into smaller dominations. This will also make your shopping convenient. You do not have to flush out a 100-dollar bill in a local cafeteria where only a small fee is charged on the drinks. It is also a safety measure to ensure you do not raise suspicion and fall prey of mobsters or muggers.


6. Opt for Credit Payments

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Carrying cash is not such a bad idea as long as you carry small amounts of it. However, for much heavier shopping abroad, it is important you do your payments using credit cards for your own financial security. Therefore, before you travel, you might consider converting much of your cash at hand into credit and only carry a little for every-day little shopping conveniences.


………….And For Your General Convenience

7. Pack A Few Clothing Items

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Packing a few clothing items, or technically referred to as traveling light, is one of the most important things to do before setting out on any journey. These are clothing items that you will definitely need to use. You might want to pass on some items such as swimming suits or much of the accessories like jewelry and instead buy them abroad. Traveling light will give you a much easier time at the airport and with the cab services.


8. Do No Forget Important Documents

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Your Visa, Passport and other personal identification documents need to be packed first and be kept in a safer pocket or compartment within your travel case. These are your security documents; the very documents that will enable you to board the plane as well as vouch for you in case you find yourself in a compromising security situation.


9. Learn Some Local Language

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This is something you may want to start practicing a few days before you actually set on your journey. You need to understand that the region you intend to visit may not be using your local language, or even speaking it as a second language and because you will need to interact with the locals from time to time, it is important you learn a few words for your own convenience.


10.Look Out For Better Deals

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There are websites and marketplaces where you could get better deals when traveling, such as AirBNB. These are deals related to hotels, accommodations taxi services and recreational centers. Read widely and ensure you know what will save you money.



And there you go! Before you consider going on your next vacation, you might want to ensure you practice the above tips. Happy travelling!



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