10 normal people look like celebreties

We’ve all heard the expression “they broke the mold when they made him”, sometimes, though, the opposite is true. Some of us may walk down the street to find a person that looks exactly like us. In these cases, it’s very obvious that our molds weren’t broken. At least regular people aren’t the only ones who experience this, even famous celebrities sometimes find their doppelgangers out in the world. Thanks to the internet, these celebrity look-alikes are relatively easy to find and often have Instagram accounts to show their stuff. Here are ten celebrity look-alikes found across the internet.

1-Lionel Messi.

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In 2016, Iran broadcasted an interview conducted by Ali Zia of two look-alikes of famous soccer players, Lionel Messi . To no one’s surprise, this isn’t the first time Reza Parastesh, an Iranian look-alike of FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi, appeared in the news. He is constantly asked for photographs and autographs around his hometown, and it doesn’t help that he wears a Barcelona kit in public. There are various videos online that show him interacting with soccer fans both young and old, and there are quite a few interviews to watch as well.


Sometimes these doppelgangers enjoy the attention, and sometimes they would much rather be left alone. Either way, many of them don’t ever get the wide-reaching attention Reza Parastesh has received. Still, sometimes these look-alikes build audiences on social media based on their looks.

2-Justin Bieber.

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One doppelganger of particular note is Dani Shay, who looks exactly like a young Justin Bieber. She actually auditioned in an episode of America’s Got Talent and performed her version of “Baby”, much to the delight of the audience.

3-Leonardo DiCaprio.

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In Sweden, a 21-year-old bartender named Konrad Annerud is often asked to take pictures with strangers thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Titanic and Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio. In an interview, he talks about how people will often shout the actor’s name at him to see if he responds. While he has an Instagram account, he doesn’t much like the attention his looks have given him.

4-Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Another young man named Tyler Michell, this time from Norwich, became Instagram famous for looking so much like actor Benedict Cumberbatch. In an interview for The Telegraph, he explains how he receives messages from complete strangers that have mistaken him for the star, as well as the light teasing he gets from his family.

5-Ed Sheeran.

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One look-alike actually makes a bit of money impersonating Ed Sheeran. Ty Jones, a 20-year-old, makes money on the side by going to events such as proms as Ed Sheeran. Not only does Ty look like Ed Sheeran, but he got to meet him.

6-Johnny Depp.

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Like the Ed Sheeran impersonator above, Skeet Ulrich makes a nice sum impersonating this Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. Fans will often lose their minds once they see him, believing him to be the famous actor. After becoming Instagram famous.

7-Chris Rock.

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Adding to the list of celebrities with look-alikes is Chris Rock. Mario! looks remarkably like the comedy legend, right down to the devilish smile and high pitched voice. People and reporters alike mistake him for Chris Rock, but if you’re looking for a good joke, nothing beats the original.

8-Harry styles.

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With his trademark windswept hair, cheeky grin and flashing cameras following him wherever he goes, even the most die-hard fan would be fooled into believing this is Harry Styles.

Lookalike Jacob Skelton, 15, has become an internet sensation and famous in his own right after a friend posted a photo of him online pointing out his resemblance to the One Direction member.

9-Will ferrell.

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Much has been made of the similarities between Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. When someone brought up the resemblance to the actor in a Reddit AMA earlier this week, Ferrell replied, « A lot of people think that it’s me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith. »

10-Zayn malik .

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Another young man named Ali patel an idian who look like the famous zayn malik.

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