10 Technologies To Watch Out For In The Near Future

We are living in an era that has and will continue to witness mind-boggling inventions by man as he tries to adapt to the changes in environment. To some, many of these inventions are just mere imaginations that only exist as movie complements. Well here is a list of some of the technological inventions that will be applicable in the not so distant future.

1. Artificial gills.

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Yes, man will be capable of comfortable staying under water for long periods of time like fish. For some time now, an Israeli inventor Alon Bodner has come up with a prototype of a pair of artificial gills he calls LikeAFish.’ With these gills, humans can generate oxygen from the water just like fish do. Except minor issues like its size and weight, the prototypes have actually shown progress and the said issues are being dealt with.

2. TALOS/’IronMan’ Suit.

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Ironman may be an everyday hero we will see in the few coming years. The Ironman Suit is currently under research and test by the US government, universities and corporations to come up with a prototype by August 2018. According to Admiral William McRaven, the idea is to accord special operation soldiers with advanced, more mobile and more versatile protection as compared to hate they have at the moment.

3. Holographs.

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This is an industry that will take over the world. Holography or Holograms are made by a field of light being bounced off a number of objects that will form a three-dimensional image. Gaming companies like Nintendo and Microsoft are already working on holographic gaming consoles. An example of where holography has been used was in Coachella in 2012 where a hologram of Tupac become part of a virtual “performance”, alongside Snoop Dogg.

4. Real-Time Google Earth.

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To many of us, Google Earth is quite an amazing tool that has become almost basic for map and directions. Well at the RAL Space, scientists are working on how to improve the Google Earth into a live, real-time machine that will record live events from space. The one meter-long video tubes will be fitted on the International Space Station and will be capable of recording everything live and in real-time.

5. Wireless Electricity.

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Everything seems to be going wireless’ and not long from now, even electricity will be transmitted without wires. Already, charging gadgets like phones has already been made wireless. With this technology, scientist at MIT will soon come up with electric hubs that can power up anything, even houses. The idea is to use electromagnetic technology to transfer energy and electricity between objects that are resonating at the same frequency.

6. Smart Things.

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This is a company that intends to come up with the technology that makes every device smart and compatible with your gadgets. The idea is to include a chip technology that connects your e.g. electronics with your phone such that you can operate all your electronic devices from the comfort one device, e.g. phone.

7. Smart Prosthetics.

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Prosthetics was a great invention in the biology world. It made it possible for amputees to get artificial limbs that eased their life. A few years from now, an advanced prosthetic limb will be capable of being mind-controlled. Just like a human arm, the prosthetic limb will rely on the human mind when working. Scientists at DARPA have come up with mind controlled robotic limbs that will be brain controlled with the help of a chip in the brain.

8. Jetpack .

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Technology. A Jetpack company is making significant strides in coming up with a commercially viable jetpack. They are jet-packs fuelled by Hydrogen-Peroxide that will allow their users to reach flight speeds of 77 miles an hour at a height of up to 250 feet.

9. Human living in space.

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For the last couple of decades, man has been able to maneuver and spend quality time in space mostly in international space stations. However, this is bound to change with the latest NASA plans. In the not so distant future, NASA in collaboration with major international organizations seeks to send a group of humans who will live in Mars. The group of 33 people will be selected from all corners of the earth. They will go an extensive training on what to expect while in Mars. The group will also star in a reality show from the time they are selected till when they get there. However, this peculiar group will never visit earth again and will be mandated with starting the human race in Mars. This is definately a future advancement we all cant wait to witness.

10. Ultra-speed Trains.

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We have already witnessed the invention of super fast trains. In China and Japan, bullet trains reach a speed of upto 300 miles in an hour. In the near future, using the Manglev technology, the trains are bound to become even faster. The idea is to create pressurized tubes where the trains will be able to reach speeds of between 1500-1800 miles in a single hour. The Japanese government has already started testing the prototypes and the project intends to be commercialized by the year 2045.



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