10 Things you can do to Lose Weight

There are multiple wells and thoroughly researched methods to help you make your way through completely losing the excess weight contained within your body. Following these practices word by word will no doubt help you see results within the new coming days, allowing you to enjoy being in your body without loathing your self-image. By following tips and successfully losing weight you will be able to achieve your true potential as an individual.

10. Avoid Stress Triggers

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Stress is a quick enabler to gaining extra weight with the speed of lightning. During any stressful activity, the hormone termed cortisol is released. Cortisol is a directly related to storage of fat in the body so the avoidance of fights and problems that make you stressed must be a priority.

9. Green Tea


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Green tea contains the necessary ingredients that will boost your metabolism by a sufficient amount. This will greatly assist you to burn the extra calories of fat that lurk within your body.

8. Weight Training

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Visiting your gym to lift and drop weights while enduring the pain is a great way to burn calories. It is very effective since you exert a lot of energy to complete the repetitions that are required of you.

7. Aerobic Exercises

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Apart from weightlifting, pushing your body to the limit through aerobic exercises like running, jogging and swimming will exert your body just enough.

6. Iron Supplements

Not having enough oxygen in your blood will slow down your body metabolism rate and result in you gaining excess pounds of body fat. Using iron supplements will enable you to have a sufficient amount of oxygen in your body cells, which will effectively speed up the metabolism rate of your body.

5. Drink Water

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Drink water, in fact, a lot of water. German scientists have found that drinking 17 ounces of water boosts up your metabolic rate by at least 30%. This will help you shed extra calories and provide you with a boost when it comes to losing excess weight


4. Avoid Alcohol

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Reduce consumption of alcohol or even better, avoid it altogether. Alcohol stunts your metabolic rate considerably by slowing down the central nervous system. Additionally, taking alcoholic drinks alongside another meal causes most of it to be stored as body fat.

3. Dairy Product


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According to research, individuals that introduced low-fat dairy products into their diet, at least 3-4 times daily, caused them to witness 70% more fat loss. Calcium is known to be a switch that serves to tell your body to burn more and more fat.

2. Increase your Protein Intake

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Scientists have gone a mile and succeeded in proving that taking a small amount of protein at every meal speeds up your metabolic rate. This is effective because more energy is used up to break down the protein that is in your body and so the result is more burned calories, resulting in weight loss.

1. Spicy Foods

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Add a lot of spicy ingredients like hot peppers and jalapeños to considerably boost your metabolic rate by a high percentage, resulting in the burning of excess fat within your body. This is because of the capsaicin found in them, proving to be a healthy addition to your diet.

All of these ways will greatly assist you in losing weight and remove the barriers that hold you from achieving the perfect body image that you desire and dream of.

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