10 Acts to keep your Cat Healthy

Cats are a lovely creatures, fluffy, cute and filled with love yet your cat’s natural habitat is not in the comfort of your home. cats by nature are fierce wild hunters, that is why you have to keep taking care of them, they show you love, well, its time to show some love back, here are the a few tips on how to maintain a healthy cat .

1. The essentials.

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of course cats likewise other living beings need, food, water, a letterbox and a place to sleep on, having the food put in a bowl and the water poured in a glass, makes your cat feel elegant. did you know that cats spend almost 20 hours sleeping a day ? , and when its not sleeping or eating, it plays, so having a cat toy may considered one of the essentials to keep your cat healthy, it is also important that you separate the cats eating place from the letterbox because, who eats right beside their bathroom ! .

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