10 things you didn’t know about Uber Cars

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If you are someone who commutes regularly for work or for personal errands, then chances are that you have tried car rental services at least once.

Founded in 2009, Uber is creating waves with its billion dollar business that helps customers reach their destinations with ease. Be it for good or bad news, this company has received a lot of prominence across the world.

Let’s discover 10 things about Uber that most people don’t know about.


1. Driver perks don’t include free rides

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When the company’s own drivers need a ride for their personal use they receive no discounts. The company doesn’t give any discounts to its drivers. But yes, sometimes they do give free services to their drivers for car maintenance.


2. Tips are not included in the your fare

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Most passengers don’t tip the drivers because they believe that the tip is included in the fare. But in reality, the tip is not included in the fare. 20% of the fare goes to the company and the rest 80% goes to the driver.


3. Who cares about ratings?

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Passengers have to rate their drivers at the end of the ride. The drivers also rate their passengers. But if adriver is rated less than 4.6, he may get fired.

On the other hand, if the driver gets a service call from a customer with lower ratings, chances are that he won’t let it pass as it is equivalent to passing a few extra bucks that can be earned on that day.


4. Car inspection for new drivers

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When someone applies to become an Uber driver, the company assigns one of their highly-rated drivers in the vicinity to do an inspection of the new driver. The car owned by the new driver should be less than 10 years old.

Only after clearing a complete car assessment, driver assessment and a driving test will the driver get the opportunity to work for the company.


5. Motorcycle ride for customers

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If you like the two wheeler, the company runs the UberMOTO service where passengers can avail a bike taxi ride. This service is available in limited cities at the moment.


6. Baby born in the car

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Once a baby was delivered in the company car safely. The mother and the baby were both fine. The company gifted the baby a special onesie with their brand name. The company rewarded the driver with knicks tickets and other free services for his good work.


7. Veterans as drivers

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Nearly 10% of their drivers are veterans who have served the nation for years and don’t get much job opportunities elsewhere. The company welcomes these veterans to work for them.


8. They drive when they want to

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Drivers working for the company work do not follow a fixed schedule. The idea of working as per their own schedule has lured many to become a part-time or full-time driver for the company.


9. No cab to billion dollar cab services

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In 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp didn’t find a cab on a snowy day in Paris. In 2009, their idea of getting a ride by tapping a button has turned into a billion dollar Transportation Company today.


10. They are everywhere

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Uber now serves 599 cities across the world. Top countries enjoying their services include USA, France, India, Spain, Mexico, Russia and others.

San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Mexico City, Sao Paulo are listed among the top cities that the company caters to.


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